Free Valentine’s Day Activities

Free Valentine's Day Activities for Upper Elementary - including math, reading, and just for fun activities. Great for 3rd grade, 4th grade, and 5th grade students.

Check out these free Valentine’s Day activities – a fun way to celebrate the holidays while still learning!

These free resources have been created by a variety of teachers, not just me!

Free Valentine's Day Activities for Upper Elementary - including math, reading, and just for fun activities.  Great for 3rd grade, 4th grade, and 5th grade students.

Valentine’s Day Math Activities

Valentine’s Day Fraction Task Cards
Students answer Valentine’s Day themed questions that have them practicing their fraction skills. This is a fun way for students to review fractions while celebrating Valentine’s Day. An answer key is included.

Valentine’s Day Math Games and Word Problems
This includes a 3 digit addition/subtraction game with a recording sheet and Valentine’s Day themed word problems. No answer key is included.

Valentine’s Day Multiplication Bingo
Have students play multiplication Bingo on a Valentine’s Day themed game board.

Conversation Heart Graphing
Each student needs a box or handful of conversation hearts. Students graph these hearts in a variety of ways.

Valentine’s Day Literacy Activities

Valentine’s Day Reading Comprehension and Questions
This includes a reading comprehension passage about the history of conversation hearts and questions based on the passage. Students must use evidence from the text to answer the questions.

Read and Follow Directions Valentine’s Day Activity
Students must read and follow directions to create a Valentine’s Day activity. The directions allow for some creativity and fun on the students’ part.

Valentine’s Day Book Review Display
Have students write a book review for a book they *loved* or for a Valentine’s Day book. Includes writing paper that could be used as a cute Valentine’s Day display.

Valentine’s Day Writing Prompts
8 writing prompts (writing paper included) to help your students get their creative writing juices flowing. Includes things like writing a letter, filling out an acrostic poem, and more.

Valentine’s Day: Just for Fun

Valentine’s Day Kindness Activity
Students right kind words about each of their classmates! A great way to encourage students to think about others.

Valentine’s Day Party – Note to Parents
A note you can send home to parents preparing them for a Valentine’s Day Party. 3 options are provided, depending on if you want the party to include snacks or not. An editable version is included.

Valentine’s Day Would You Rather Questions
Some fun Valentine’s Day themed “Would You Rather…” questions that get students laughing, talking, and thinking!

Valentine’s Day Bookmarks
Print in color as a gift to students or have students color in their own bookmark with the blank and white version.

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  1. Hi! 🙂 I had to come check out your site…love…because I have had over 40 visits to my store from here. Thanks for providing a link to my free Valentine’s Party planner! 🙂 So sweet of you!! <3 Karen (Kinder Teamwork)

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      You are very welcome! Only one of them was mine, though – the others came from other teachers that have some amazing resources!

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      Thanks for your interest! I don’t have any Spanish resources, and the resources are not editable. They might not work well for your classroom. However, if you are still interested in accessing my resources, you can find out more here.

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