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Most teachers don’t go into the profession for the money (or lack thereof) or the “summers off.” The majority of teachers go into teaching for one main reason – because they want to help.

That’s why teachers work unpaid before the school year begins, wanting to set up their classroom so it’s a safe and welcoming place for students.

let me fund your donors choose project

That’s why teachers spend money out of their own pockets to make sure their students have access to books and school supplies.

That’s why teachers volunteer their time after school and on the weekends preparing lesson plans and grading papers.

It’s not about the money – it’s about changing the lives of kids.

But more often than not, our desire to help is not met with appreciation, but with with disrespect, anger, complaints, and ridicule. Disrespect from the students we are trying to help. Anger from their parents. Complaints from our administration. And ridicule from the general public, who often accuse us of selfish motives when all we want to do is make a difference.

Teachers are the most undervalued and overworked people I know. And that’s why I want to help.

Funding DonorsChoose Project

I’d like to help as many of you exceptional teachers as I can. In 2016, I donated a total of $2,464.52 to teachers through Donors Choose.

If you or any teacher you know has a DonorChoose Project that needs funding, please comment below so I can help fund it!

What I’m Looking For

I spent the majority of my years teaching 3rd and 4th grade at urban, low-income schools. According to DonorsChoose, the schools I worked at were of the “Highest Poverty.” My heart is with teachers at schools like these, where pencils and paper are a precious commodity, and where teachers are constantly changing the lives of kids that come to school with a LOT of baggage.

I want to support as many teachers as I can, but I’m particularly eager to fund 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade teachers working at high poverty schools.

Below are examples of just a few of the projects I have donated to in the past.

Chess Team Goes to Nationals
Basic Coding – Dot and Dash
Math Manipulatives and Activities
Document Camera
Wonder Books
Scholastic News

Please let me help fund your project!

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  1. How can I get in on this? Our school system is in a city that has gone practically bankrupt. Funds are so tight, we all have muffin tops. In all seriousness, I have been searching for a way to get a few iPads or laptops in my classroom because we just do not have the resources for kiddos…most have to use the data on their phones. Please send me information on this awesome program.

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  2. I am looking to expand my beginning chapter book section for my lower-level readers. Our school had some funds this year, but new materials have not been purchased for several years due to the lack of a librarian. I am attempting to play catch up this year. Thank you for your consideration.



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  3. Hi
    I have 2 projects- 1 is for supplies (not very exciting), donations are being matched and it expires soon: https://www.donorschoose.org/project/super-second-grade-supplies/2162293/?rf=link-siteshare-2016-12-teacher-teacher_1647016&challengeid=20489220
    The other project is for an iPad and if it gets funded, I will do another project for an Osmo coding set: https://www.donorschoose.org/project/iteach-with-ipad/2343175/?rf=link-siteshare-2016-12-teacher-teacher_1647016&challengeid=20489220
    I would appreciate a donation to either! Thanks!

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  4. How wonderful of you to do this for teachers! My project is to purchase a fish tank, pump, and water chiller to raise trout from eggs to fry. Students will be raising the fish in the classroom and then releasing them in local rivers. We have already done a lot of work around fish in the classroom and this is our culminating project. Students have taken a field trip to a local river and tested the water quality in local rivers, studied the health of the riparian zone, collect and studied macro invertebrates, a observed salmon spawning. They then used the data and information collected on the field trip to study they health of the river. . Thanks for considering my project! It expires right before Christmas and donations are currently being doubled by Tom’s of Maine.



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